Discover a simple method to preserve red peppers for a year

Peppers add great flavor to our meals. There is a way to preserve them that will make this vegetable taste delicious, in addition to reducing our work.

Red peppers are present in any food recipe. They enhance the flavor of the dishes and serve to add color, as well as vitality to our body.

This simple recipe will allow you to preserve them for a year and give them an incredible flavor.

Discover a simple method to preserve red peppers for a year

What do you need?

How do you do it?

Step 1: Preheat the oven to 150 ° C. Cut the bell peppers into thin strips and place on a previously oiled tray and bake for an hour, alternating the sides of the peppers so that they are evenly cooked. Drizzle with olive oil each time you turn them over.

Step 2: Meanwhile, bring to a boil a pot with water to sterilize the container in which you will keep the peppers. After 20 minutes in boiling water, remove the container and lid and let it drain on a clean towel or kitchen paper.

Step 3: Place as many peppers as possible in the bottle and add the salt, the cut garlic, the rosemary, the pepper and fill with olive oil a finger on the peppers. Put in the refrigerator for a week before using. Keep in mind that the longer the peppers are in this oil, the more flavor and aroma they will have.

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