Discover the book that helped Will Smith overcome the hardest moments of his life

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In the entertainment world, actors are constantly under a lot of stress, which is why they need a hobby to do during the few hours they have free, one of the most common is reading a book and Will Smith's favorite is "The Alchemist" .

Will Smith

This book tells the story of a young man who wants to fulfill his dreams, because of this he will undertake a great journey in order to achieve it, but he will have to go through great adventures if he really wants to.

The alchemist tells the story of Santiago a young shepherd with big dreams that he will try to fulfill regardless of the price and for this he begins by breaking with the family inheritance, which makes him feel tied to his flock, but throughout his journey to Egypt You will learn to see the signs that fate throws at you.

Will Smith in an interview stated that this book helped him a lot, remember that the famous American artist had his beginnings as a rapper, then he entered the world of acting and in a short time he achieved fame and recognition.

Currently he has not stopped thinking about the musical world of which he is still a part, and he recommends this book in moments of doubt and sadness, he also assured that he felt very identified with the character because his entire career began with a dream.

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