Do you want to join Anonymous? Look at their answer

After three years, Anonymous reappeared on social networks and this Monday, June 8, with a message on social networks about how to join this organization. Look at the details.

Anonymous has always been a group of people who fight for injustices. After three years, this time he reappeared to condemn the murder of African-American George Floyd and incite the American people to fight for racial equality. Thus, several demonstrations took place and even the lights of the White House were turned off, the second time in more than 200 years.

In the video, Anonymous threatens the Minneapolis Police Department with "exposing their crimes to the world" and uncovering corruption within the institution. In addition, he involved the Trumps (Donald, Ivanka and Ivana) along with other celebrities such as Naomi Campbell in the Epstein network of child trafficking, filtering a list of contacts.

Anonymous Strikes Back.

Now Anonymous reappeared on his official Twitter account with a message thread explaining how to join them. Since they are in Chinese, here we leave each one translated into Spanish: "So, do you want to join an anonymous person? You cannot join anonymous. No one can join anonymous. Anonymous is not an organization. It is not a society, a party, or a movement. , it is resistance, " it began.

"We support the hoe to help the weak and defend justice. The following are our values: -Human rights -Autonomy -Resist tyranny -A more humane society -Actions speak louder than words There is no letter, no declaration, no membership fees. Anonymous has no leader, no teacher, no speaker, no elite doctor, " continues.

Anonymous explains how to join your organization.

"We only have people like wasps to resist a common authoritarian opponent. No matter how long your fight lasts, we will have common enemies, common goals and hatred. We fight against common oppressors and change the world together. No one can represent an anonymous person. No one can Representing you or us. Action determines our identity and content, " he adds.

And continues: "No one can decide whether you are in or out of the circle. Only their actions can make the anonymous decide whether to accept, avoid or support it." In addition, he exclaims: "Anonymous people are students, workers, employees, unemployed. We have young, old, black, white, LGBTQ, straight, poor, rich. We are well dressed and ragged. We are hedonists, asceticians, car thieves, activists social, celebrities and revolutionaries. Anonymous people come from different races, countries and ethnic groups. "

Anonymous denounced the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police.

"We are your neighbors, your colleagues, your boss, your stylist, your doctor, your bus driver, reporter and Twitter administrator. We are numerous," Anonymous posted on Twitter. "Many of us wear Guy Fawkes masks during demonstrations. But some of us don't care about that Guy Fox mask. Some of us even show it on their social media avatars. This helps us recognize and support the actions of anonymous people, "he continues.

"Are we undercover? If you chat with another anonymous person, you may never know who he is. It could be a hacker, phisher, agent, spy, provocateur, or your mom, dad, brother, neighbor, lover, anyone and everyone," He says. "As long as your actions are valuable, no matter who the anonymous person is. Don't support anonymous people, support actions. Anonymity may be an idea, but the world will not change just for good ideas. Your actions are important. Anonymous or not , action is better than words, "he adds.

Lastly, he writes, "If it is done correctly? The only person who can tell you what is right for you is yourself. This is also the only person you should follow. Anonymous has no leader. You are also solely responsible for your actions. Do what you think is right Don't do what you think is wrong How many anonymous people are there? We are more than you think. We have more than anyone imagines. We are numerous We are legions We are absolutely And now you are one of us. Resistance is existence. Welcome to Anonymous. "

The message thread ended on Twitter with a video of one of the Anonymous members dancing and with his characteristic mask. How long will it take before there is more information revealed on social networks?

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