Don't burn it: See how to straighten your hair with the iron without damaging it in 10 minutes

In general, the iron helps us to fix our hair daily and look simply beautiful.

The iron is a very useful tool that we all usually have at home, but not all people know how to iron their hair without mistreating it.

Straight hair

Here we are going to teach you how to iron your hair correctly so that you do not burn it unnecessarily. Best of all, this fantastic tips will help you keep your hair healthy and full of life.

Step 1: We suggest you wash your hair very well. This is the most important step because if we want our ironing to last several days, the hair is very clean and free of impurities.

Step 2: After you have your hair very clean we suggest you apply a thermal protector, it will help protect your hair from high temperatures.

Step 3: Wait for your hair to dry, don't iron it when wet.

Straight hair

Step 4: Detangle your hair to iron it and divide it into strands so that the ironing is perfect.

Step 5: Heat the iron to medium temperature and start ironing strand by strand.

Step 6: Iron each strand about 5 times from root to tip. This is the most important step and to make it perfect we suggest you comb it while you are ironing. In 10 minutes it will be perfect.

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