Double cleaning: With only 2 products you will have a porcelain skin

We have learned the secret of Asian women for a porcelain skin, it is a double cleaning with an oily product and a soapy one.

The secret to porcelain skin for Asian women has finally been revealed, it is a double cleaning with an oily and soapy product.

The secret to porcelain skin for Asian women 

To have a skin free of impurities and as soft as a cloud, a daily cleansing routine that includes essential hydration is necessary.

However, what we did not know until now is the double cleaning tip. So grab a pencil and paper, and start changing your skin with this novel technique.

Step by Step:

Step 1

Apply your oil-based product to the entire face, giving smooth circular massages, including the eye area. Then rinse with warm water. This will transform it into a milk, which in addition to removing the impurities from your face, will hydrate it thanks to its essential oils.

Step 2

Now it is the turn of the soapy product. To apply it place the palm of your hand a small amount of it and add a little water until you get some foam. With it you will wash your face, without the contour of the eyes, and then rinse with water.

Hydrate your skin as usual and voila. In no time you will have a perfect porcelain skin.

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