Hot Duo!: Beyoncé rubs all her privacy on a celebrity and fans ask for the same

Beyoncé is a divine singer and nobody can deny that, but music is not her only strength. Despite her age, Beyoncé moves her body better than any young girl. And look with who is showing it to you!

The singer Beyoncé has a litter of fans who have been following her for years: for her beauty, for her voice and even for her dances.

Yes, Beyoncé has thousands of talents that, thanks to videos of fans, have been recorded for posterity. And here we show you one!

16 years ago, Beyoncé, more beautiful and young than ever, performed in concert with Sean Paul, a Jamaican singer and songwriter. God, that concert burned in flames!

Beyoncé sang with Sean Paul and even danced and scrubbed his entire body in the privacy of Sean Paul! He delighted. After all ... who would refuse to be so close to the goddess of Beyoncé?