Dwayne Johnson wonders: Where is the President, while the people are on their knees pleading?

Johnson has made his opinion public about the current situation regarding racism and the absence of the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Dwayne Johnson has shared his vision and concern about the situation in the United States. after the death of George Floyd, which was the beginning of the massive protests on the streets of North America that burn with the pain and anger reflected on the faces of the protesters.

Dwayne Johnson wonders: Where is the President, while the people are on their knees pleading?

In the video the actor expresses:

"Where is our leader right now when our country is kneeling, begging, hurting, angry, frustrated, in pain and pleading with outstretched arms Just wanting to be heard. Begging and praying for change? Where is our compassionate leader who he will approach our country, he will extend a hand and he will say: Get up. Get up with me ... because I support you. I support you, I hear you, I am listening to you! ".

Regarding the “All Lives Matter” movement, the dark-skinned Samoan indicated:

"Each, all lives matter, because we as Americans believe in inclusion. We believe in acceptance; we believe in human rights. We believe in equality for all. That is what we believe in, so of course, All lives matter. But at this moment, at this decisive and explosive moment where our country is kneeling, we must say the words: the lives of blacks matter. "

He also called on President Trump to focus his efforts on solving the problems of racism and inclusion, and not on sending forces to the streets to intimidate those clamoring for justice.

To conclude his message, the actor sentenced:

"So while we continue to wait for that leader to emerge, I would recommend to all of you that we should become the leaders that we are seeking."

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