Evaluna delighted her followers with a Greeicy Rendón style dance

Evaluna Montaner, the beloved wife of the Colombian singer Camilo, left everyone speechless after imitating the also singer Greeicy Rendón. Even the outfit is similar.

Evaluna Montaner left all her followers speechless, after she posted a video on Instagram imitating the beautiful Colombian and singer Greeicy Rendón. Let's remember that Greeicy often uploads choreography to her social networks, because dancing is another of her passions.

In the video, Evaluna managed to imitate Greeicy even the short and fresh wardrobe that she usually uses so that her movements can be better appreciated. Evaluna surprised us, we had never seen her dancing in this sensual way before.

Evaluna moved her hips from one side to another to the rhythm of her song "Los consejos" . This is her most recent song, who at home was able to record a video clip of her beautiful song and of course, despite the total distance, the song has been a complete success.

Thanks to the beautiful relationship between Camilo and Eva, she has already managed to add more than eleven million followers to her official account, who praise her daily in her publications.