Eyes tired from teleworking? These tips will help your vision

Overuse of vision has negative consequences on our eyes

Due to the global health crisis and the confinement we are experiencing, teleworking and remote study have become massive, as well as the number of hours that we are exposed to mobile devices and television screens.

This constant use of vision has negative consequences on our eyes that turn red and visual fatigue occurs, which ends up decreasing our efficiency, productivity and concentration.

Overexposure of our eyes in these long days of teleworking, remote study or entertainment, reduces the frequency of blinking and evaporates the tear that protects and lubricates the eyeball. It is for this reason that the eyes gets red and we feel them like with sand inside.

Eyes tired from teleworking?

To protect our vision in these times of mass teleworking, specialists recommend using the brightness of the screens at medium intensity, as well as locating ourselves at a distance of not less than 40 centimeters from the device.

Teleworking or tele-study sessions should include breaks of 2 minutes every 45 minutes at least, to protect the lubrication of the eyes. Another 15-minute pause every 2 hours is also recommended to rest the muscles related to our vision.

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