Find out how to get a flat abdomen based on your diet

Seconding to cellulite, fat and / or bloating is a problem that affects the vast majority of women of all existing ethnic groups. And it is that not only the problem is the accumulation of fat in that area, many times it is the bloating produced by an inflamed intestine, and that is exclusively due to eating habits.

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To tone the abdominal muscles, it is known that the only solution is physical training, abdominal work sessions in their different styles, and there is no other choice. But in order to recognize what foods can inflame and distend your abdomen, or conversely those that deflate it, or how to eat them (in the morning or at night, what amounts), here we provide detailed information about it.

flat stomach diet

Carbohydrates are the best source of energy quickly available for the proper functioning of our brain, and it is not true that they must be completely eliminated from the diet because they are essential nutrients, what you have to try is to eat them during the first half of the day, because in this way they do not accumulate what cannot be "burned" (metabolized) as fat. Also there is no need to exceed the amounts of course.

Even at breakfast, it is the best time to eat bread, it must be a bread that provides us with better nutritional qualities such as wholemeal, bran, buckwheat or rye. But if there is a time of day to eat bread it is at breakfast. It will give us energy and at the end of the day we will have already used and metabolized it.

flat stomach diet

Among the foods that you can incorporate to reduce bloating are seeds, especially chia seeds (which have anti-inflammatory properties among many others). Ginger is also a great intestinal anti-inflammatory, so you can start using it as a grated or powdered condiment in your meals, or make fruit juices with a piece of it, or in hot teas.

It is important to avoid all carbonated drinks, soft drinks, even if they are diet, because sweeteners also cause bloating, as well as refined foods (flour, sugar, rice refined).

flat stomach diet

Within dairy, if you belong to the group of people who have noticed that when you drink milk it inflames you, there are dairy products reduced in lactose or directly lactose, which is actually the sugar that makes digestion difficult, you can consume them in this way and you will like them better.

As snacks you can use the banana that provides a feeling of satiety and is recommended for diets with a flat abdomen because it does not inflame, other fruits such as apples or grapefruit, fruit snacks, and dried fruits as well. Yogurt that provides probiotics, and help intestinal regulation, trying to be low in fat.

Dinner should ideally be about cooked vegetables and either animal or vegetable protein (lean meat, eggs, or legumes) and if possible make it three to four hours before going to bed.

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