Find out why Kim Kardashian wears body doubles

American celebrity and socialite Kim Kardashian has an entire army of "body models." Look at the reason.

Kim Kardashian is one of the most important influencers today. With 170 million followers on Instagram alone, every step she takes is news.

And it is not only what it does, but also what it looks like. For this reason, this millionaire businesswoman selects very well each outfit she is going to wear: From the shoes to the accessories she will wear.

Kim Kardashian

But, with a busy daily schedule, many times Kim does not have enough time to try on each of the outfits she will wear. That is why with all her fortune she found a solution: Body models.

"I have models who try on my clothes, we have found women who have my exact measurements and who put all my clothes on, we take photographs and do daily tests of all looks," says Kim.

It turns out that this diva has contracted models selected especially because they have their exact measurements, and every day her team sends her photographs from all angles for her to choose, and she knows that each outfit will simply look great on her.

“The stylists put the clothes on the model, take pictures and send them to me, this way, when I try it on, I make sure it looks good on me. They make life so easy for me! ”, she detailed.