Forbidden to forget: Watch the commercial Shakira made for Pepsi

Many years ago, the incredible Shakira starred in a commercial for Pepsi, which was very well received by the public, as it showed something totally different and fun. Relive that moment.

As we well know, our beloved Shakira is one of the most important artists of the moment, and that is that despite being 43 years old her entire body demonstrates the opposite. She is quite a beauty.

Currently she lives very happy next to her beautiful family made up of Piqué and her two beautiful children Sasha and Milan, who are already showing many of the talents they possess within themselves. Sometimes they make us wonder if they will be singers like their mother or athlete like their father.

While this happens, their cute and very tender parents will always support them in everything they want for their lives. Just as the parents of both celebrities supported them and thanks to this, they are now one of the most important celebrities in the world.

In fact, Shakira's talent has taken her so far, that from a very young age she has had the opportunity to star in important commercials for the great Pepsi company.

In the clip we can see the incredible Shakira dancing in a sensual way with the owner of an establishment. But it seems that everything comes from the imagination of this person, since in the end we can see how the man danced with a cardboard that had the body of the Colombian singer. Very funny.

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