Forget about stretch marks with this powerful homemade anti-stretch mark cream. You will be amazed!

This type of anti-stretch mark cream or natural anti-stretch mark mask has been widely used since the times of our grannies, this 100% natural remedy will help you reduce those annoying streaks that appear on our skin.

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Homemade avocado stretch mark cream

To say goodbye to stretch marks definitively, all you will need is:

eliminate stretch marks with these natural remedies

The first thing you should do is grind the avocado well, you can put it in the blender along with the other ingredients, this way you will get a paste with a smooth texture.

When the mixture is ready, you can start applying it to the areas you want to repair. Once you apply it you must massage the skin very well, the movements will have to be circular so that it can be better impregnated. Carry out the process for about 15 or 30 minutes.

After time, you should rinse with warm water. Do this process at least once a week and you will see incredible results.

eliminate stretch marks with these natural remedies

Homemade lemon stretch mark cream

Lemon is an excellent ally to prevent stretch marks even before it appears, it will also help you fight them once they are there. You can squeeze a lemon and apply it with a cotton ball on the affected area or you can also cut the lemon in two parts and pass it directly on the skin.

eliminate stretch marks with these natural remedies