Friends: Aniston values her friendship with Sandra Bullock and surprised her with this gesture on her

Birthday in times of pandemic. On July 26, 2020, the splendid Sandra Bullock celebrated her 56th return to the sun in the company of her best friend Jennifer Aniston.

Let's recall a little bit of how the unbreakable relationship between these two multi-award-winning Hollywood women began. It was at a party that the acclaimed actress Gwyneth Paltrow held that Sandra and Jennifer coincided and since then they have never separated.

Since the 90's, these two talented women have created a bond beyond the screen and shared very intimate moments in their lives that have only served to strengthen the friendship between them.

Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston

Most importantly, they have never left each other alone. This is evidenced by the recent birthday celebration that Jennifer held for her best friend Sandra last Sunday, July 26, following all the rules of social distancing.

Likewise, Aniston shared a photograph with Sandra in her Instagram stories where the actresses can be seen in the company of three other great Hollywood figures.

Sandra Bullock's birthday

Finally, the snapshot accompanied her with a moving message of congratulations “Celebrating our duly distanced girl with much love. Happy birthday Sandy, we love you ”, said the Friends star.

In the photograph you can see the beautiful Sarah Paulson, Holland Taylor and Jennifer Aniston posing with their respective face masks and a beautiful birthday girl wearing a hairstyle collected in a blue striped shirt.

Instagram users did not miss the opportunity to fill them with love through the comments, "Beautiful all", "Sandra and Jen I love them madly" and "Happy birthday, Sandra, you are the best and the friendliest".