From Neymar to Yatra: these are the 5 celebrities who were "boyfriends" of Danna Paola

Young Danna Paola shows that being single is fashionable, but fans and the media do not forgive it. Throughout her career as an actress and singer, the Mexican had 5 "boyfriends", from soccer players to colleagues in music.

Danna Paola is a young actress and singer, and even the celebrity of the moment. Although her career began when she was little, Danna triumphed as the protagonist of the Netflix series "Elite".

Currently it develops with great musical successes. The most recent of them is "No bailes sola" with Sebastián Yatra, with whom she was romantically linked after the separation of the singer and the Argentine artist Tini Stoessel. Like him, Danna Paola has had many alleged romances, although she clarifies that she is single.

Danna Paola.

The only boyfriend who has been known to him publicly was Eleazar Gómez, with whom he secretly started a romance because she was 14 years old and he was 24, but they made it official in 2013 when he was of legal age. However, and as several of her songs indicate, the courtship was very toxic.

Eleazar Gómez and Danna Paola.

There, the investigation begins to know the men of Danna Paola and thus, the rumors began with other great celebrities. One of them is Brazilian Pari Saint-Germain striker Neymar Jr, to whom she sent a message to congratulate him on his birthday, posting a photograph of both. The actress said they are just good friends.

Danna Paola and Neymar.

Another of the strong rumors that ran in the entertainment world was a possible relationship between the protagonist of "Élite", who played the character of Lucrecia, and the Colombian singer Maluma.

From this, a lot of controversy was created since it was said that they could have been together on multiple occasions in Mexico and Colombia. So the release of one of her biggest hits by the singer "Bad Fame" was inevitable to clarify that it was only a scandal spread on the internet.

Danna Paola and Maluma.

Later, she was romantically linked to her cast partner Jorge López. A paparazzi managed to capture a tender and beautiful moment between them, apparently a small date. They could be seen holding hands and besides kissing each other, so the image shocked the fans. Still, Danna confirmed that it is just a friendship.

Danna Paola and Jorge López.

Also, on different occasions, we could see Danna kissing with the conductor Roger González. One was developed during the broadcast of a program where both assure they were acting, and another kiss was in a video that was broadcast on social networks and that both have claimed was an accident.

They confirmed that they only have a close friendship and that they have lived many things together, in addition to having made several trips to New York, where the video was captured.

Danna Paola and Roger González.

The last and one of the most recent rumors, as we said previously, is with the Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra. Given their collaboration together in "No bailes sola" and the recent separation of Yatra with Tini Stoessel, Danna Paola was ranked as the "third in discord", although both he and the Argentine said that the geographical distance was the cause of the rupture between both of them.

Danna Paola and Sebastián Yatra.

After this last rumor, the Mexican clarified that she is dating someone, but she did not give details nor are there photos with a man. We do not know if it is from the show business or not, maybe she even invented it so that they do not link it more with any other famous.