Gastronomic curiosities: Fried butter, the fashionable dessert in the US

Is it possible to fry butter? Well, in the United States they found the way and, although it is a hypercaloric dessert, it is a boom in the world of confectionery.

When we thought that we had seen everything, or almost everything, a sweet dish in the United States surprised us again.

It's about fried butter. Yes, as you read, it's a stick of butter pasted for frying and then topped with more butter melted on the outside.

Fried butter, the fashionable dessert in the US

It is a dessert that to some will seem disgusting, or too greasy, but it is a delight for the people of the United States.

Born in Iowa to celebrate the 100th anniversary of cow's butter, it has become so popular that it is now sold in almost every market in this North American country.

To prepare the fried butter, you will need:


Step-by-step preparation

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