Global Pride 2020: Adam Lambert and the version of “Mad World”

For the singer who belongs to the LGBTQ + community, there is still a long way to go in the world of community rights because "history is never a straight line of progress."

Adam Lambert performed a soft version of "Mad World" for the "Global Pride 2020" event, which took place virtually and whose purpose is to claim all people and their rights as human beings regardless of their personal preferences.

Adam Lambert and the version of “Mad World” for Global Pride 2020

In addition to the lyrics that have great meaning when talking about the LGBTQ + community, Lambert offered a speech characterized by the feeling of someone who has had to face challenges and obstacles from a personal perspective.

"I wanted to wish everyone a Happy World Pride (…) It is incredible to be part of the LGTBQ + community. I am very proud of my brothers and sisters. We are incredible. The progress we have made in the last 10 years since I have been in the eye audience has been incredibly inspiring ".

In addition to encouraging the entire community to continue with the fight because "there is a lot of work to be done (...) We all know this. History is never a straight line of progress. There are setbacks, there are side by side", he had his share of Words for the movement that has recently come to life despite years of fighting for the causes of people of color.

"In light of the recent Black Lives Matter protests that have been happening around the world, I think it is our responsibility as a community to use our empathy, to give a little love and extra support to our members of our community who are black people. So let's take advantage of this time during World Pride to connect as much as we can, to reach out, make new friends, educate ourselves, listen, get involved. This is a very, very important time to unite to become stronger as a unit. Big, proud rainbow of all colors as much as we can this summer and let's fight, let's fight proud ".