Golden tips for cooking an exquisitely perfect pasta

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Prevents paste from sticking

It is not necessary to add oil to the boiling water to prevent the paste from sticking. You just have to add enough water to the pot where you will add your pasta. If you are going to cook 100g of pasta, that should be multiplied by 10, that is, use at least one liter of water for 100g of pasta.

Golden tips for cooking an exquisitely perfect pasta

This is the exact amount of salt you should use.

The exact amount of salt is one tablespoon per liter of water. Even if you think it will be salty, remember that the water will drain. Add the salt just after your water begins to boil. If you add the salt from the beginning then with the salt in the water you will only delay the boiling process.

When should I add the paste to the water?

Right after adding the salt to the boiling water. Never cover the pot, and always stir the pasta with the help of a fork. In this way you will prevent your pasta from sticking.

Pasta sauce is very important

About two minutes before your pasta is ready, start heating or preheating your sauce in a cauldron spacious enough so that when your pasta is ready you can pour it into your delicious sauce.

Golden tips for cooking an exquisitely perfect pasta

Don't drain all the water

Before running your pasta through the strainer, reserve a cup of your pasta water. While your sauce is still on the fire, once you have drained your pasta proceed to sauté the pasta in the sauce only for about 30 seconds more. Stir well so that all the sauce is spread over your pasta. If you notice that your pasta did not look juicy as you planned, then a few tablespoons of the reserved water.

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