Goodbye Sebastián Yatra: Tini Stoessel's love story with the rapper Khea

The Argentinean Tini Stoessel enjoys her new musical success titled "Ella dice" with the rapper Khea. Away from her ex-boyfriend Sebastián Yatra, the young woman is happy and beautiful, but also very close to her recent colleague.

Tini Stoessel is living his musical career to the fullest. Although the last few weeks were not easy, considering her separation from Sebastián Yatra, her new single "Ella dice" caused her to totally devote herself to her work.
The break with Yatra generated a stir because Danna Paola was ranked as the "third in disagreement". Still, the three celebrities flatly denied the facts, with both Tini and Yatra agreeing that geographic distance was the cause of the separation.

Yatra and Tini separated by "geographical distance"

Like the love bond between Sebastián Yatra and Danna Paola. Now the same thing happens between Tini Stoessel and the Argentine rapper Khea, her new colleague in the song "Ella dice".

Although the video clip was recorded separately taking into account the current context of pandemic and quarantine, the singer showed that, in front of the camera lens, he is not ashamed and captivates with his beauty.

A possible romance is rumored between Khea and Tini Stoessel.

The chemistry between Tini and Khea is very evident, so much so that it seems to have crossed the plane of the musical. As the media points out, she could see a romance on the door between the two numbersines.

In the last hours, the trapero and the pop artist gave an interview for the digital portal La Vanguardia. According to the page, the jokes, the laughter and the eloquent confidence reveal that perhaps, after her separation from Yatra, Tini trusts in love again.

Tini Stoessel sings "Ella dice" along with Khea.

We finished the project in 3 months although the song is written like a year ago. It is true that this genre has been growing in Argentina for the last three years, I had listened to Khea a lot and I really liked it, and in my head was the possibility of collaborating.

These were the first words of Tini Stoessel about the "good vibes" with Khea, who reaffirmed the statements of her colleague and just friend. Then the jokes began regarding the choreography: the trapero claimed that he taught Tini to dance.

Reggaeton has a rhythm that makes you move. You go to a festival, you start playing reggaeton and people don't stop dancing because the music leads you to it. It is a unifying musical genre. I also believe that the door has been opened for other genres such as Latin pop or rock to succeed beyond their countries of origin. It is a pride for Hispanics that we are reaching everywhere, to all festivals, whether European or American, and that people are getting familiar with the Latin sound.

Khea exclaimed, proud of the music he makes and now accompanied by a great star, like Tini Stoessel. They talked a lot about the isolation in Argentina, their followers, social networks and even the haters who attack the two celebrities on the Internet, highlights La Vanguardia, with great complicity.