Goodbye Shawn Mendes: Camila Cabello regrets about her courtship

The 23-year-old singer Camila Cabello is a deeply in love young woman, she makes decisions with her heart and apparently this time she was confused.


Camila Cabello has a relationship with Matthew Hussey while the rumor spread that she was with Shawn Mendes. On many occasions the singer of a thousand loves was seen with the Brit who by the way is 10 years older than her.

Camila Cabello

It is not known for sure what happened between these two, but Camila decided to be with Shawn Mendes and the chemistry between them cannot be denied when watching the video.

However, the Cuban had emphasized that her boyfriend Matthew made her "the happiest woman in the world", a statement that she has not yet made with Shaw.

Taking into account the ages, Cabello may feel more protected with Matthew than when she is with the singer. Maybe it gives more stability, also they looked great together.

Camila Cabello

Finally, Camila may just be taking time with Shawn and then be back with the British writer, we don't know. Hopefully, the singer herself clarifies who stole her heart.