Greeicy Rendón bets on a mini zoo at home, is it legal to have all those animals?

Surely you have a cat, a dog, a rabbit or even a turtle or a fish, but we assure you that the Colombian Greeicy Rendón surpasses fiction with more than a dozen pets at home, and they are very weird!

Almost everyone loves animals but we assure you that not as much as the beautiful Colombian singer Greeicy Rendón.

And we don't talk about just fanaticism, she gives them love and care accordingly. Them? Yes, it has more than 12 animals! And not just puppies and kittens...

A rabbit, a pig, a calf, roosters, and chickens are other companions who day by day give affection to Greeicy Rendón.

A mini zoo was assembled by Greeicy Rendón. At any time, the house will be small for all of them!

The mini pig of Greeicy Rendón.
Cluck Cluck! says the hen.
Greeicy Rendón's calf.

Maria Laura Lago

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