Greeicy Rendón broke her swimsuit and was recorded

Greeicy Rendón is one of the most loved Colombians, thanks to her simplicity, charisma, beauty, talent and humility.

Greeicy Rendón has always been characterized as a working woman. This has been demonstrated especially in these days of confinement, that despite the many restrictions there are, she has decided to continue working from home.

"The kisses", "The advice", have been one of the songs that this brunette has decided to record from the comfort of her home and, with much effort and affection, has chosen to make them public for all her followers.

Almost every day it is common to see this beautiful woman fill her Instagram with energy, with a lot of flavor we usually see her enjoying her dances and songs. This time we saw her with a peculiar pink swimsuit dancing with great flavor to her most recent song "The advice".

The publication in a short time managed to reach more than two million reproductions and in addition to visits, it also garnered hundreds of comments from her followers, who once again praised her for keeping her figurine on the line.

#the tips confuse me ... I don't know whether to cry or dance ... but I think that both at the same time are a quite balanced and tasty mix.