Haute pastry: cook delicious and easy Oreo truffles with just 3 ingredients

The famous Oreo cookies are really addictive, to eat at snack, breakfast or to include in any sweet recipe. Here we will show you how to make delicious truffles with Oreo, easy and fast.

Oreo cookies are the best sellers in the world with millions of boxes, both for children and adults. Nothing more delicious than soaking an oreo cookie in a coffee or warm milk.

The University of Connecticut revealed that Oreo and other foods very high in sugar create addiction. They call it "oreoaddiction". If you like them as much as we do, you can not miss this simple and wonderful recipe for Oreo Truffles.

Haute pastry: cook delicious and easy Oreo truffles with just 3 ingredients

It is easy to cook, and requires few ingredients that we get in the neighborhood market or even, we can have at home in the refrigerator. You will need to:

Delicious and easy Oreo truffles with just 3 ingredients

How to make it:

  1. In a bowl we lightly crush the Oreo cookies. Then we put them in the mincer until finely chopped. We put them in another bowl and add the slightly melted cream cheese (we put it in the microwave for a few seconds before).
  2. Mix the cookies with the cheese and add a pinch of salt. A little salt accentuates the flavor of the chocolate, so our truffles will be spectacular.
  3. Create the truffles with the spoon, the easiest way is to use a scoop or 'Parisian spoon'. You find it in any bazaar, and it also serves you for ice cream and fruit. You will get about 40 if you make them small, according to size. Cook as much as you like and the rest can be frozen.
  4. On the other hand, we put the 225 g of chocolate over low heat together with a tablespoon of milk. We remove and when it is melted we turn off the fire.
  5. With the help of a toothpick, we are introducing the Oreo balls in the chocolate and let drain a little. It remains only to let them cool and then in the fridge for two hours. You can also keep them in the freezer for an hour if you like them cold.

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