He confessed! Reveal how Amber Heard attacked Jhonny Deep

Both actors have been in a very media legal dispute since their separation in May 2016.

By  Right Now Newsroom

The unsuccessful marriage of Hollywood superstar Jhonny Depp with actress Amber Heard continues to speak, thanks to new revelations about the bloody fight they both starred in Australia in 2015.

Both actors have a very media lawsuit, a process that initially seemed to show a very aggressive Jhonny Depp, due to the accusations of domestic violence made by Heard.

Subsequently, Depp's lawyers counterattacked, showing evidence that the attacks also started from Heard, including an audio in which the actress admits having violated the protagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga.

Now another audio shown at the trial has been released and has been leaked to the press. On the five-hour tape, you can hear details of the violent fight in which Depp ended up losing part of a finger.

The actor sued Heard for defamation of $ 50 million over an article she wrote accusing him of constant domestic violence. The celebrity couple married in February 2015 and separated in May 2016.

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