He passed his hand! Natti Natasha opens her jacket and her pair of friends come out

Natti Natasha manages to leave us speechless by appearing in this video showing her couple of reasons. She does it so they can see her!

By  Right Now Newsroom

She has made it very clear to us the type of artist he is, and that is that when he sees his strength, courage, talent, charisma and above all his perseverance in achieving what he is passionate about, he makes millions of people have great respect.

Natti Natasha has managed to position himself in one of the most important places of urban music, after having appeared with great representatives of the genre, such as Daddy Yankee and the prince of bachata Romeo Santos.

This short video by Natti Natasha was made minutes before she introduced herself, but what impresses us most is the way she lets us see her pair of qualities in full detail.

We were totally surprised by the way Natti Natasha takes her jacket and opens it so that her pair of friends are detailed to the point of not being able to, and that is because with such a thin fabric it gives the impression of not wearing anything.

Without a doubt, we have realized that she has a heart attack and she knows it for that reason she loves to show it off at every opportunity that comes her way.

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