He was tempted! Dakota Johnson opened a bottle of alcohol at a store and took it!

Actress Dakota Johnson surprised her fans by leaking photos where she is seen drinking alcohol while shopping inside a business. Couldn't wait?

By  Right Now Newsroom

A few days ago, the leading actress of the 50 Shades of Gray film saga, Dakota Johnson, was photographed while walking through Los Angeles.

There she was seen with her friend Addison and her goddaughter Ezer; the criticisms were not long in coming, taking into account the current emergency and "how dangerous and incense" it can be to bring a minor into contact with other people.

But they are not the only images that transpired of Dakota Johnson doing something improper: apparently, she was also photographed in a supermarket taking alcohol from a glass bottle, while she went shopping. Couldn't wait!

These last photos correspond to 2019, but still, the actress's followers spread them to show that Don Johnson's daughter has no problem going against the grain.

After all, she acted as Anastasia Steel in '50 Shades of Gray 'alongside actor Jamie Dornan's hottie, is there anything else that might surprise us?

Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel

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