Health crisis changed the rules of the game between cinemas and streaming

Universal Studios stoked the battle between distributors and streaming service companies

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The premiere last April of the Universal Studios animated film "Trolls 2. World Tour" on various digital platforms unleashed a fierce battle between historical film distributors against streaming.

The cessation of film productions and the unprecedented closure of a recording studio and movie theaters due to the global health crisis broke a pact inherited from the times of VHS.

Universal Studios changed the rules of the game by announcing the simultaneous release in cinemas and streaming platforms of its latest animated production, leaving the stipulated period of 90 days from the theatrical release for exhibition on video on demand (VOD) platforms. ).

The premiere of "Trolls 2. World Tour" on VOD represented a profit of $ 100 million for Universal Studios, a figure that according to some specialists is considerably higher than that projected in movie theaters.

The success of this new strategy precipitated the premiere of "Judd Apatow The King of Staten Island," scheduled to be released on June 19 in theaters, now available on VOD starting June 12.

Universal raised $ 100 million with the premiere of Trolls 2

The announcement was answered by the AMC Theaters cinema chain, with a massive presence in the United States, Europe and Asia, which decided to stop distributing Universal's films.

But this is not the only thing. The recent change in rules of the United States Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences due to the current world situation, further accentuates the streaming battle.

Films that have not reached theaters, that is, all those that will be released on streaming services, may be nominated for an Oscar; as it will encourage other studios to follow in Universal Studios' footsteps.

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