Health crisis on Televisa: Two actresses of "Te Doy La Vida" tested positive for COVID

The information was confirmed by the producer of Te Doy La Vida, Lucero Suárez: "There were two actresses who tested positive"

The largest soap opera producer in the world, the Mexican Televisa, is going through an unprecedented obstacle in the resumption of its recordings, because two actresses from the cast of "Te Doy La Vida" tested positive for the disease that has unleashed the crisis world health.

The information was confirmed by the producer of "Te Doy La Vida" , Lucero Suárez: "There were two actresses who tested positive", a statement that was preceded by a series of rumors on social networks.

Once the infection was detected, the actresses were subjected to preventive isolation for 14 days, which forced Televisa to rewrite some scenes of "Te Doy La Vida" to best manage the crisis.

The actresses affected are Dayren Chávez and Rocío de Santiago, who tested negative in a new test. They will soon be reincorporated to the recordings of "Te Doy La Vida" . Both artists confirmed the version on their Instagram accounts.

"On May 20 I had the test (..) I tested positive, for which I was resting completely isolated (...) Today, June 8, I was informed of the result of the second test (...) it was negative," reported Dayren Chávez , who plays Rosa in the soap opera.

For her part, Rocío de Santiago, who works for the nun Inés, recounted how she assumed the diagnosis: “It affected me a lot was that I live with my grandparents, I live with my parents and my brother (…) knowing that the life of my grandparents they were at risk, the truth hurt a lot, "she said.

The world-wide health crisis forced the closure of the recording sets of Televisa and all the Latin American producers, who after a couple of months resumed the recordings with a series of unprecedented limitations and precautions that include the elimination of kisses.

Mexican actor José Ron, protagonist of "Te Doy La Vida" said that the measures include a drastic reduction in technical personnel and the use of masks, antibacterial gel, facial masks and a redesign of the camera shots to compensate for the distance between the actors.

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