Hilary Duff surprised her fans with a radical makeover! You will be stunned!

The beautiful girl with blonde hair and green eyes came to the big screen with the movie Lizzie McGuire Movie

By  Right Now Newsroom

His face jumped to the world screen with the Disney series Chanel Lizzie McGuire, a program that elevated Hilary Duff to the figure of a youthful idol by playing a typical American teenager who had to overcome all kinds of situations.

The beautiful girl with blond hair and green eyes soon arrived on the big screen with the film of the series that unveiled her, Lizzie McGuire Movie, a production that led her to star in other films such as Agent Cody Banks and Cinderella Story.

Duff tried his luck in the music field with the Christmas album "Santa Claus Lane", the first of four record productions that became hits on the US market.

Duff recently surprised all his fans after ET Canada's Instagram account posted a photo of the American actress with a completely different look.

Gone is her long blonde hair that made more than one boy fall in love in the late nineties. In the image Duff is shown with short, completely blue hair, a somewhat radical look if it is the typical American teenager.

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