Hollywood is measured in the ring of the "Boss Bitch Fight Challenge"

Hollywood stars seek how to pass the time

By  Right Now Newsroom

In just over five minutes, a lot of kicks, punches and falls starring great actresses, serves to settle accounts and animate those who are quarantined.

The global quarantine has been very tedious for millions of people. But it has also unleashed the creativity of various figures of the show, television and cinema.

In the last hours, the "Boss Bitch Fight Challenge" emerged, a hilarious video that brought together dozens of actresses who emulate kicks, punches and falls as they do in various film productions.

In just over five minutes an exhibition of movements that function like a relay race is made, something that has provoked laughter among those who have seen the audiovisual piece.

Among some of the celebrities that stand out would be Scarlett Johansson and Robbie Margot. I mean

Pure ingenuity!

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