Horizontal or vertical stripes? Look how you should dress if you want to look thin

Looking slim is a daily challenge, so if you want to achieve a perfect body, we suggest reading this article.

Wearing a slim figure is possible thanks to the dedication of some people who have taken the time to analyze women's daily clothing. So we got to know more about stripes. Let's start.

Striped look

Many people believe that stripes make us look thinner, but does it have to be vertical or horizontal? It is no longer a mystery! Here we detail everything you want to know.

The horizontal stripes give you volume whether you use it on your pants, shirts and even dresses. So if you have a few extra kilos, we recommend wearing horizontal stripes.

Vertical Striped look

If the stripes are thin, they will make a volume effect especially on your breasts and hips. If the blouse has a front print this effect will not be noticed.

For its part, the vertical stripes harmonize the entire shape of the body. It makes us look slimmer especially if we use them on blouses. So if you want to look slim this is your best option.

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