Horns or open relationship? The infidelities between Shakira and Piqué

One of the most recurring gossip about Shakira and Piqué is the infidelities that would have happened between them.

The relationship between the Colombian singer Shakira and the Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué is one of the most followed unions by the press, which keeps fans informed of all incidents and rumors related to the media pair.

One of the most recurring gossip over the years about Shakira and Piqué is the infidelity that happened between them. It is to be remembered that the union began in this way, because when they both started dating they still had long-standing partners.

In 2010 when they both began to sneak out, Shakira had a 10-year relationship with the Argentine Antonio de la Rúa, while Piqué was two years old with the Spanish model Nuria Tomas.

Although Shakira denied it, stating that it was in 2011 that they began, it was Pique himself who unmasked the truth by assuring that the romance began in 2010. Then the infidelities began in 2012, when Piqué would have had an affair with the Israeli model Bar Rafaelí.

The issue of infidelity in the couple was addressed days ago in the Spanish program Viva la Vida. The most daring version was that of Shakira and Piqué who would have chosen to maintain an open relationship, as a formula to continue together despite the temptations.

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