How Natti Natasha reacts when she sees the man she likes (+ Video)

The Dominican reveals details of her personality, because she showed her reaction when she sees the boy she likes is in front of her.

Natti Natasha is a true bomb of talent and beauty, which is why it has become a sensation within the urban genre. Often the singer is in contact with her followers through the different digital platforms.

Digging a little more about the life of this speed, we find on Instagram a video where the singer expresses in a very eloquent way how she reacts when the boy she likes is in front of her.

Through the audiovisual material, you can see the 33-year-old Dominican doing exercises on a treadmill. During her warm-up she expressed how she would act if the boy she likes approaches her.

The interpreter of "How bad it was" showed us details of her personality, about the attitude she takes when approaching her, because in a very flirtatious way, she raised her hand and waved mischievously, while she continued with her exercise routine slowly. Once the boy walks away, she transforms and continues with her exercises.

This post was a lot of fun and caused a furor among her followers, who quickly spoke up with very eloquent comments. Without a doubt Natti Natasha always surprises us.