How crazy! Look at what Sophie Turner considers "psychopath"

The confinement has made this Jonas put on his best outfits to wear them on the sofa.

By  Right Now Newsroom

Sophie Turner had a serious conversation with Conan O'Brien in "Conan at Home," in which she recounted what her husband and father of their first child, Joe Jonas, is doing during the isolation that she considers "psychopathic."

The actress explained the situation in this way:

"This is something that has only caught my attention from this isolation thing, but I saw ... it was like an online meme, or some comment and someone said, 'If you're wearing jeans at home, what does that say about you as person? Are you a psychopath? 'And Joe does that. "

And added:

 “Joe usa jeans en casa, donde nadie puede verlo. No estoy usando jeans. Este es el vestido más elegante que he visto en días (mientras vestía un suéter y pantalones de chándal)”.

O’Brien confessed that he also has this type of clothing at home, to which Turner replied:

"Why do that to your groin, Conan? I'm wearing a jumpsuit. I have business upstairs and party downstairs."

And really, is wearing jeans at home an act of "psychopaths"? Well, we would have to see Turner's faces on a Sunday at home to know what he considers socially acceptable when lazing around.

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