How to grow hair in a healthy way just applying egg

Every woman's dream is to have long and healthy hair, but many of us suffer because the hair refuses to grow. There is an infallible method that will make your dream come true.

Hair is exposed daily to various external and internal factors that mistreat it and even prevent it from growing healthy. Although there are some products in the world of beauty that accelerate the growth of our hair, there are also natural products that make hair grow naturally, giving it back those nutrients it lacks, such as eggs.

How to grow hair in a healthy way just applying egg

To quickly grow hair with egg, you have to follow these steps:

Step 1
The first thing you have to keep in mind is to measure the height of your hair, that is, if your hair is short it is recommended that you only use 1 egg. Otherwise you should use 2 eggs and beat them in a bowl.

Step 2
Another point that you should not overlook is that if your hair is greasy, it is best to use the white of the eggs. If not, use the whole egg.

Step 3
When you have mixed the eggs, apply them to all the hair with the help of a brush or a comb and start combing from the roots to the ends. Once you have spread this mixture all over your scalp, massage in gentle circular motions and let the mask sit for 15 minutes.

How to grow hair in a healthy way just applying egg

Step 4
After this time, proceed to rinse with plenty of cold water until all the egg is removed from the hair. Do not wash your hair with hot water as it tends to dry out the hair. For you to achieve better results, use this treatment once a week.

Another tip that will help to grow hair naturally, is making an egg and avocado mask, to do it you need: 1 avocado and 1 whole egg.

How to make avocado and egg mask

The first thing you have to do is cut the avocado in half, remove all the pulp and place in a container. Add the egg and start mixing by integrating the ingredients.

Once you have the mask ready, apply all over the hair focusing on the scalp, let the mixture work for 15 minutes on the hair. After this time, remove the mixture with plenty of warm water until all the residues of this homemade cream are removed.

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