"I am homosexual", Pablo Alborán came out to tell (+ Video)

The Spanish singer Pablo Alborán has decided to tell that he is gay in a video that already goes around the world.

The Spanish singer Pablo Alborán has decided to tell that he is gay to be a little happier than he was having to hide it.

"I am here to tell you that I am homosexual, that nothing happens, that life remains the same. I need to be a little happier than I already was. Many people know it, suppose it or simply do not care", says Pablo Alborán .

In his video uploaded to his Instagram account, Pablo Alborán assures that both his family and his record company have never discriminated against him in any way and that he will continue working as he always has.

"I have always fought against any expression that goes against any freedom or equality. From racism, xenophobia, racism, machismo, transphobia, homophobia, any kind of hatred. And today I want my cry to be made stronger and have more value and weight ", says Pablo Alborán.

Pablo Alborán

"In my house I have always had the freedom to love whom I have loved. I have felt sheltered and accompanied when it comes to fulfilling each one of my dreams. In my work, with my friends, in my record company in Warner, I never I felt discriminated, hated or felt that I was disappointing someone for being me. But unfortunately there are many people who do not live it like this, so today without fear I hope that this today will make the path easier for someone. But above all I do it for me ", continued.

Pablo Alborán's personal life was always a mystery. He was never known a stable partner and rumors about his sexuality were always present.

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