"I can't breathe": The distressing MTV campaign for #BlackOutTuesday (+ Video)

While the #BlackOutTuesday hashtag is trending around the world, music and entertainment content company MTV and its MTVLA branch launched a nerve-wracking campaign that impacted its fans.

MTV and its subsidiary company MTVLA, decided this Tuesday to launch one of the most distressing and realistic campaigns supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement, which fights for justice and respect for the fundamental rights of the black people community.

Users of social networks were shocked to see how for 8 minutes 46 seconds, their television screens turned black, with the message "I can not breathe", and the sound of the last and distressing moments of George Floyd while he was suffocated . This was in the framework of #BlackOutTuesday in which great celebrities like Ricky Martin or Alejandro Sanz also participate.

Justice for Floyd

Some were confused, others angry, and others applauded MTV's initiative, which seeks to call for reflection and raise public awareness.

MTV's #BlackOutTuesday campaign has been particularly surprising because they have replaced their entire commercial strip with this screen and these dying sounds.

"What kind of tribute is this? @MTVLA In several channels it has been more than ten minutes like this. #GeorgeFloy", "Can we talk about the MTV commercial? It has been more than 5 minutes that it is there and I don't know how to feel about it @MTV @MTVLA #mtv ", are some of the messages from Twitter users, who were impressed by its realism.


The time MTV left the sound is the exact time that George Floy remained under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer, who did not stop pressing his neck despite the handcuffed detainee asking him to please get up because he did not I could breathe.

George Floyd was already dead on arrival at a care facility. Her death has sparked one of the largest protests for equal rights and the black community in the United States. The initiative has been supported on social networks with the tags: #BlackLivesMatter, #GoergeFloyd or #TheShowMustBePaused.

The #BlackOutTuesday is an initiative of many singers, artists and music companies, and consists of "a day to disconnect from social networks and connect with the community", promoting reflection for a change in the way of thinking and acting of the entire society.

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