If you want a delicious and creamy homemade yogurt, don't make these mistakes

Yogurt is an exquisite food and best of all, thanks to it we can have wonderful and sweet evenings. Check out the following tips to make your own delicious homemade yogurt.

Yogurt is a very expensive dairy product in many countries. Therefore, we will tell you the infallible tips so that your homemade yogurts are delicious.


Then we suggest you write down the following tips in your cookbook.

Tip 1: The milk to make our Greek yogurt must be fresh. If you will only use powdered milk to prepare it, make sure it is of good quality.


Tip 2: Fermentation is a very important step. Therefore we suggest you follow this process as the recipe says. The "capping" method is usually used: cover the yogurt and leave it to ferment for a day in a dark place.

Tip 3: Prepare a good syrup with fresh fruits. If you will accompany your syrup with strawberries, try to make them a little acidic, so that it gives that touch to the yogurt that everyone loves.

Tip 4: Be generous with the ingredients, add the amount requested. Do not omit anything. This is the key to obtaining a perfect homemade yogurt.

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