Iggy Azalea reappears on social networks and surprises with her new hair look

The rapper stayed away from the public eye for more than 6 months, generating all kinds of speculation.

The renewed image of the singer dazzled her more than 13 million fans on her Instagram account. She pleasantly surprised with a radical color change that looks great on her.

Iggy Azalea reappears

In the post you can see Azalea in a snapshot in which the red of her hair stands out, in a classic and delicate position.

It is speculated that the reason Iggy Azalea stayed out of the public eye for so long was because she gave birth to a baby as a result of her long-standing relationship with Playboi Carti.

The truth is that fans are waiting for more from the singer who has been more than 6 months without presenting new singles to the delight of those who follow her music.

While you wait to know the reason for her disappearance, meet the new look of the beautiful singer.

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