"I'm going to remarry": The shocking new revelation of Ricky Martin

Singer Ricky Martin has revealed various details of his marriage to visual artist Jwan Yosef. He recently admitted that he had problems with his husband.

As part of the release of his new album entitled "Pausa", Ricky Martin seems determined to reveal all the details of his intimate life, in a series of interviews he has given.

In a recent interview for the Univison network, Ricky Martin had revealed how the arrival of his daughter Lucia had almost ended his marriage to the Syrian artist Jwan Yosef.

The shocking new revelation of Ricky Martin: "I'm going to remarry"

"I didn't let anyone touch her for months. I had problems with my husband because he would say to me: 'Let me change it' and I would say: 'Nooo, I'm going to change it myself'. It is very different, two dads with two boys", he said on that occasion.

He had also confessed that during the period of compulsory isolation he suffered from a lot of depression and that it was precisely his soul mate, his husband, who helped him get off all this on the right foot.

Now, Ricky Martin has made a shocking revelation: He wants to remarry. But this time big, with an old-fashioned celebration of at least four days.

The shocking new revelation of Ricky Martin: "I'm going to remarry"

"I'm going to remarry, but in a big way, it has to last four days," said the interpreter of "La vida loca," who explained that he has had a lot of time to share with his family and that his mother is living with him, at his residence in the United States, located in the city of Los Angeles.

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