In video: They create masks that reveal Harry Potter's magical object with the breath

A fanatic has created this mask with the design of the most famous map of the saga of the boy who survived.

By  Right Now Newsroom

With everything that is happening in the world, more and more designers are joining the initiatives to create beautiful face masks so that people continue to be fashionable while protecting themselves from contagion.

Harry Potter is back on trend thanks to the creation of who must certainly be a fan of the J.K. Rowling saga.

Stephanie Hook, a young American woman, has used an innovative fabric that changes color with increasing temperature to create the "magic" mouthpiece that has gone viral on social media.

The design that hides the black mask is nothing more and nothing less than the "Marauder's Map", a parchment that served Harry to discover the secrets that Hogwarts hid and avoid being discovered while investigating the corridors of his beloved school.

Hook has run out of inventory and announced that by May 29 he will have a new stock for fans to place their orders.

This initiative will surely generate dividends for the young woman while the fans look amazing with this great idea.

Check the full video here:

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