Incredible! See what Megan Fox won't be able to get

Many times actresses just wanting things happen, but unfortunately this will not be the case this time.

By  Right Now Newsroom

Four years ago Megan Fox made public her desire to become the new Kitana of Mortal Kombat, and there the most intimate dreams of each of her male fans began to be fanned and, the hopes of all the women to see us represented in a neat way before the screens.

At that time Fox answered about what would be the super heroine he would like to play, remember:

“I thought of Kitana from Mortal Kombat if they ever do that movie again. I've always loved their fans and blades, that's the only one I can think of. "

However, a few days ago all our hopes went to the pit when we discovered what the requirements are to be able to act in this film. And they are obvious.

Todd Garner, producer of the film's reboot, regarding Fox's participation as Kitana explained:

"I have no idea what combat skills Megan Fox possesses, I do know she is a wonderful actress, but apparently the combat skills she has are not good enough."

Let's hope that there is some kind of consideration to all the mental pleas that are raised at this moment, to put the face of Megan Fox on the princess of Edenia and thus see her in 2021 at the launch of Mortal Kombat.

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