Inedito: Lili Reinhart needs this to regain energy

The famous actress of "Riverdale", Lili Reinhart, falls in love with everyone on social networks and on the small screen. Without a doubt, both her character Betty Cooper and her life outside the series, captivated thousands of fans. Know your best kept secret.

Lili Reinhart is renowned for her talented portrayal as Betty Cooper in the Riverdale series. Recently the separation of her castmate, Cole Sprouse, her departure from the closet and the allegations of sexual abuse monopolized the search engine.

Without a doubt, Reinhart managed to conquer a large number of fans, who were hooked with her acting skills, her beauty and her personality. She currently has more than 24 million followers on Instagram.

From the age of 10, she discovered that the world of entertainment was for her since she found in singing and dancing the joy that she did not know she needed and that later would become her job and vocation.

It wasn't until she was 18 that she left Ohio and set out to achieve her dream as an actress. Unfortunately, she began to suffer from anxiety after moving to Los Angeles, while trying to get good roles to play.

Lili Reinhart's biggest secret is that sweets and other sugary products are her obsession: they are part of her daily life since, in addition to enjoying its flavor, Lili thinks that she needs at least a small dose of sugar daily.

Did you know that Lili landed the role of Betty Cooper in "Riverdale" when she was about to give up on acting and was planning to go home? Can you imagine a series like "Riverdale" without Reinhart like Betty Cooper?

Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper in "Riverdale".

She is currently separated, enjoying her personal life with her puppy Milo and waiting for her new movie, Chemical Hearts and the premiere of the fourth season of "Riverdale".