Insignificant: This is how Angelina Jolie felt next to Brad Pitt

For the first time Angelina Jolie decided to talk about her divorce from actor Brad Pitt. "I was hurt," said the 45-year-old actress.

The American actress Angelina Jolie has decided to speak for the first time of the details of her divorce from the also Hollywood star, Brad Pitt.

For the interpreter of Lara Croft, the final moments of her marriage to Pitt were hell and she assures that she felt absolutely insignificant at his side.

Angelina Jolie decided to talk about her divorce from actor Brad Pitt.

"It was a complicated moment, I did not recognize what I had become; how to say it, I was smaller, as insignificant. I felt a deep and real sadness, I was hurt," she said in an interview with the newspaper "Le Figaro".

But for Jolie, this represented an opportunity to connect with "humility", which is one of the most human aspects that exists.

"On the other hand, it was interesting to reconnect with this humility and even that insignificance that I felt. In the end, this is perhaps the most human thing. Besides all this, I had some health problems. All these things remind you of how lucky you are of being alive. This is another lesson to pass on to my children: the idea of renewal and, above all, a possible return to the joy of living. I have to rediscover joy, "she recounted.

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After several years divorced, Angelina Jolie seems to have been reborn from her ashes, and assures that her life priority is her six children.

"That role undoubtedly prevails over everything. In the morning, I wake up mom. Today, tomorrow again and forever because once you become a father you belong to other beings, you no longer belong completely to me. All my life and my Choices determine my children's lives. Their needs and priorities are my priority, and I am very attentive to anything that may influence or harm them. Therefore, I am a mother continuously, and only when they are in school can I begin my humanitarian work and political work. I call my office, write editorials for Time magazine (...) Once this is all over I can finally go to film, "she added.

As he has specified, that return to the cinema will not be for acting, but for directing,

"That was my intention at the time, but with the separation I had to reevaluate my choices: I find it necessary to be present for my children. Now is not a good time to get involved in long-term projects. In a way, being an actress turns out to be more Simple today, because it's a less time-consuming activity for me. Playing a strong character, like the evil queen of Maleficent, is a form of therapy. Surprisingly, playing a powerful character can really help you rebuild when you're not feeling your best possible".

But apparently, Angelina has not yet completely surpassed Brad Pitt: "I am stronger than before, but it is still a difficult time."

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