Is Tini Stoessel pregnant?

Argentine singer Tini Stoessel surprised with a photograph that went viral on social media. It can't be true!

A few months ago Tini Stoessel and the Colombian Sebastián Yatra, announced their official separation through social networks, in which they caused thousands of fussings, because this match was one of the most beloved of the show business.

From that precise moment, the possible separation of the Colombian and the Argentine was beginning to be rumored. Apparently Yatra was beginning to look "very happy" with other girls, while Tini was very far from her.

Then it began to be said that the cause of the love separation of these two was caused by the Mexican singer and actress Danna Paola, since she made some comments of him.

Tini's possible pregnancy was due to a photograph where she is seen carrying and cuddling a baby. However, clearly the photograph is already old, since his ex, Sebastián Yatra, also appears in it, and apparently both were very happy at that time.

Despite the many rumors of this sudden separation, Sebastián and Danna have repeatedly confessed that there is only one friendship between them, since the comments of their followers accusing them of infidels have already reached extremes.