Is whitening your theet at home safe? Is whitening your theet at home safe?

Is whitening your theet at home safe?

If you want to have more white teeth, do it the right way to keep your theeth healthy!

Who doesn't want a white smile? On the internet there are thousands of easy recipes to improve the tone of the teeth, but they are not always the healthiest solution.

 In some people, the teeth become duller over time and this is due to the consumption of some foods or to having bad hygiene habits, so they look for quick results with bad remedies on the web. 

Most recipes contain abrasive ingredients like lemon, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide that weaken tooth enamel (the outermost layer of teeth). The change in color that we observe with the homemade recipe is due to the loss of enamel each time the whitening is performed and it is important to note that the enamel doesn't regenerate. 

The color of the teeth is due to the ‘dentin’ (layer under the tooth enamel) and when you do teeth whitening at home, we don't get to do it the right way, it just dangers your health.

How to get whiter teeth in a healthy way?

 - Putting yourself in the hands of professionals is the best remedy for teeth whitening.
 -Have a strict dental hygiene, avoid drinking coffee and foods with powerful colorants.

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