It can not be true! Justin Bieber cries in front of the cameras for Billie Eilish What happened to him?

Justin Bieber has expressed his opinion on singer Billie Eilish on several occasions and his testimonies have surprised many, especially the media

By  Right Now Newsroom

Justin Bieber is one of the most coveted young people of the moment, remember that a few years ago he shared a beautiful relationship with the singer Selena Gómez.

But sadly, the relationship of both celebrities is already a thing of the past, but why Justin Bieber cries for Billie Eilish? The reason is unclear.

Recently, we have observed an interview that they did to the singer who left us with his mouth open because we clearly see how Justin Bieber cries for Billie Eilish from one moment to the next. It can't be! What happened?

The truth is that Justin Bieber could not stand his tears when asked about Billie because he replied quickly and almost without thinking that he did not want the 18-year-old to go through the same thing as him.

Obviously, it refers to the bad times and the strong depressions that Justin has had to go through. For his part, Billie said that he could not believe it and that he thanks with all his heart the good intentions of Justin.

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