It was discovered that Sebastian Yatra is twin brother of Brad Pitt

Sebastián Yatra's fans were surprised to learn that the Colombian singer is the twin of renowned actor Brad Pitt. They published a photo where the shared genetics are checked.

Sebastián Yatra has won the hearts of many fans with his music. From "How to look at you" to "One year", they are hits reproduced on various digital platforms, with millions of views of women and men around the world.

These last weeks were very moved for the Colombian, considering his scandalous break with the Argentine Tini Stoessel, who placed his new colleague Danna Paola as the "third in discord". Let's remember that the Mexican singer and Yatra released the single: "No bailes sola".

Sebastián Yatra.

However, it seems that happiness returned to the life of Sebastián Yatra when his fandom carried out an "exhaustive" investigation of the Colombian's family and assured that the singer is the twin brother of actor Brad Pitt.

Although at first it seemed like a joke shared by the singer in his Instagram stories, his thousands of followers were surprised when the FaceApp application showed that Yatra bears a "great resemblance" to Angelina Jolie's ex-husband.

Sebastián Yatra is the brother of Brad Pitt?

We can say that some traits seem, but without a doubt, they are far from being twins, especially due to age. However, what we can confirm is that Yatra fans managed to get a smile out of the Colombian singer, to get through the bad moment of the latest romance rumors with Danna Paola and therefore, infidelity with Tini Stoessel.