J Balvin is a “Black Lives Matter” movement

Many celebrities have joined the movement that seeks to claim the rights of African-American people. J Balvin is one of them.

The world cries out for justice and J Balvin joins the claim of millions of people who are outraged by the recent actions of 4 Minneapolis police officers who participated in the murder of George Floyd.

J Balvin

Last Tuesday, the music industry made a musical blackout called "Blackout Tuesday", the purpose of which was to make the world aware of the importance and relevance of the events that are taking in the United States.

Balvin published on his Instagram account that he has dedicated himself to learning more about racism and everything that surrounds it, since he wants to know in depth about the subject and thus be able to contribute to the fight against it.

"It is my responsibility as a leader in the Latino community to educate myself about the plight of black people in the United States, learn about their struggles and the systematic and ongoing racism they face every day; and even more importantly, to learn how I can be a better ally and help change the system through my voice and my action "

Balvin pointed out that the Latin American people are part of a minority that must unite and support the struggles that are taking place against racism, to form a true union that faces the actions of some  reactionary  minds.

"We know that we are a minority, only a small part of the pain that they live every day. Let us help our brothers and sisters."

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