J Balvin mocked Shakira and her fans lashed out with everything (+ Video)

The episode happened in an interview for Billboard granted by Black Eyed Peas, J Balvin and Maluma, in which the singer made fun of Shakira.

Colombian singer J Balvin does not forget or forgive. The refusal of his compatriot and colleague Shakira to make a joint musical collaboration, due to statements by Balvin against Rihanna, led to a slightly hidden attack on Shakira.

The episode happened in an interview for Billboard that was granted by Black Eyed Peas, J Balvin and Maluma. J Balvin taunted Shakira, causing discomfort to his colleagues. The video has gone viral on the networks and has motivated countless comments against the urban singer.

In the interview, the host asked Black Eyed Peas' Will.i.am the following question: "Who did you have to be more flexible with, with José or Maluma?", To which the American replied: "I was more flexible with Shakira". 

J Balvin immediately started laughing at Will.i.am's comment, causing the reaction of Maluma, who with a serious face said: "Hey friend, that's not funny", to which Balvin replied with a laugh: "I have never work with Shakira… I suppose it must be like this ”

Faced with the tension caused by J Balvin's attitude, Will.i.am stated: “In fact, I have learned a lot from Shakira because her way of working is very professional. She knows every aspect of a song, she helps me improve the lyrics, the sound, the rhythm”.

J Balvin laughed again and said: "So, she returns you to step one" . The Colombian's attitude was interpreted by users of social networks as an undeserved mockery against Shakira.

The Colombian's fans reacted by massively defending the pop singer, trending the hash on Twitter #JBalvinIsOverParty.

Black Eyed Peas recently released the album Translation, a production with a strong Latin rhythm in which J Balvin, Nicky Jam, Maluma, Piso 21, French Montana, Becky G, Shakira, Ozuna, J Rey Soul and El Alfa collaborate.